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EFS XML Export/Import Function

The XML (Extensible Markup Language) Export/Import function is targeted at agencies where filing information is stored in the agency’s computer system and agency users retype the information into the PSLA Electronic Filing System (EFS). The XML Export/Import function allows an agency to import a computer-generated text file into EFS. The XML Export/Import process is:

  • The agency computer system generates/exports an XML text file that contains filing information\.
  • The agency computer system emails the XML text file to PSLA.
  • PSLA’s Electronic Filing System extracts the XML text file from the email, validates filing information, and imports it into the EFS database.
  • PSLA’s Electronic Filing System sends a return email. If the import was successfully submitted the email contains the PSLA ID number for each filing and if it was unsuccessful the email contains the validation errors..
  • The filing is available for review over the Internet similar to filings entered by Agency Users.

A single XML file may contain information for multiple policies but the typical usage is to have one policy per XML file. The XML Export/Import function supports submitting new filings. It does not support 1620 reports or RCT reports. Please refer to the XML Import Manual for additional information. Also refer to the Type of Coverage Table (Kind) and the Description of Insured's Operation Table (Class).

Please contact AgencyServices@pasla.org if you are interested in XML Import.

  • The appropriate information technology representative from the agency and PSLA need to discuss logistics.
  • The agency's XML text files must be tested in PSLA’s electronic filing test environment before submitting them to the production environment.