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Our mission is to serve Pennsylvania’s insurance consumers through fair and efficient review and verification of the surplus lines insurance industry and to:

  • Facilitate and encourage compliance by surplus lines licensees with the laws of this
    Commonwealth and the rules and regulations of the Department relative to surplus
    lines insurance.
  • Provide means for the examination, which shall remain confidential, of all surplus
    lines coverages written by surplus lines licensees to determine whether such
    coverages comply with such laws and regulations.
  • Communicate with organizations of admitted insurers with respect to the proper
    use of the surplus lines market.
  • Receive and disseminate to surplus lines licensees information relative to
    surplus lines insurance.

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Welcome to

Pennsylvania Surplus Lines Association

The Pennsylvania Surplus Lines Association (PSLA) is a non-profit organization that serves as an advisory organization under contract with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) for purposes of advising and consulting on matters concerning the surplus lines market place in Pennsylvania. At the same time PSLA provides extensive training and education to both resident and non-resident surplus lines licensees.

PSLA is also a voluntary membership organization for resident and non-resident surplus lines licensees and supporting membership for producers, insurance carriers and other interested parties concerned in obtaining greater knowledge of this marketplace and the role surplus lines plays in the overall property and casualty insurance industry.

This organization plays a vital role in protecting Pennsylvania insurance buyers by being a depository of the collection of required filing documentation which provides an important reference facility for the PID. This greatly assists the Department in their efforts to monitor the activity, compliance and transparency in this most important specialty marketplace.

This website has been created over many years reflecting this organization’s detailed experience in the surplus lines market in Pennsylvania. This website contains substantial amounts of helpful information regarding the Pennsylvania statutes, filing and reporting guidelines, frequently asked questions on a variety of subjects, market data, legislation and links to many other insurance sites. Also included are instruction manuals providing various procedures including the newly created Electronic Filing System, featuring user friendly characteristics.

This website includes both drop down menus and left side menus for easy reference. PSLA will continuously update this site as new content comes to our attention and we welcome any suggestions that can be added to assist the user to a greater extent.